Thanks to the new technology, l’ozonation hybride ®, OZOVAL has developed systems which do not require the adding of chemicals and have many different applications including:

  • Treating and recycling urban waste water via their system RECYCLOX. This treats and disinfects water to a standard close to that of drinking water. The water can then be reused without a risk to health for irrigation (hosing), cleaning...
  • Developing systems for individuals and communities to treat urban waste water (houses and individual residences, housing estates, small communities, campsites, boats...)
  • Treating leachate, an effluent generated by waste sites (via the OXI-LIX system)
  • Treating used water from carwashes and shopping centres (via their system OXY-WASH)
  • Treating the liquid effluent from oil mills (olive crushing)
  • Food production and agricultural effluents (fruit and vegetable washing, manure, air treatment...)
  • Treating and even purifying rain water

As a result of increasing natural disasters, notably droughts and global warming, considerable efforts have been made to combat the issues of worldwide shortages of affordable water, pollution, and the degradation of the water quality of rivers and lakes, mostly in developed countries.

The reuse and recycling of water is a certain solution to address the shortage of water and is a politically recognised solution in many countries in terms of the advantages and benefits that it can create.

Water recycling creates both financial and non-financial benefits. It is for this reason that it is important to consider ones options. The non-financial benefits are essentially: the reduction of nutrient rejection, the improvement to public health and the environment, and the preservation of both leisure and tourism areas. Experiences from around the world, notably in Australia, South Africa and the United States, confirm the financial advantages of reducing the quantity of effluent and the development of associated processes for the reliable treatment and the sale of recycled water.

Water recycling is an expanding domain. A number of technical solutions have been developed to respond to the quality levels demanded.

Certain processes (dams, infiltration-percolation, infiltration in the earth and the aquifers, wetlands) are easy to implement and are not very costly but they do require a large surface area and the quality of the treatment is not always guaranteed.

Intensive methods such as filtration, physical-chemical treatments, membranes, advanced disinfection processes (chlorination, UV, ozonation) guarantee a better quality of water produced based on different usages and are much more compact in terms of the surface area they represent.

Water recycling is the only significant alternative and interesting option to address the issues of environmental protection, agricultural needs (irrigation) and industrial and urban water needs. The cost is largely dependent on the technique used.

Using the latest innovative technology, our solution addresses these major issues and guarantees an overall better quality of water and competitive production costs.

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