Drinking water


Ozone is widely used throughout the world to make drinking water, and in particular in France. In fact, the advantages of ozone are well known and the most notable is for its use in disinfecting and eliminating micro pollutants.

For individual use, we propose the Ozolux© system. This system is based on an innovative process developed by OZOVAL: hybrid ozonation. The advantage of this product is that it is both easy to install and easy to use. With the use of Ozolux©, you can obtain disinfected water of exceptional quality (without odour or taste) and without adding chemical products. The working principle is based on catalytic ozonation followed by electro-ozonation. This system is completely autonomous and has an infinite working life.

Ozolux pluvial is also available in our product range. It is an ergonomic and easily transportable system. The advantage of this product is that it functions using a solar panel and is therefore entirely autonomous. We recommend Ozolux pluvial to disinfect water before use and to purify rain water that is intended for irrigation use.

Additionally, we propose a disinfection system designed for bottled mineral water which creates optimal storage conditions. Our systems are completely equipped with UV radiation which eradicates residual ozone. We can also adapt the dimensions of the installation according to your needs and constraints.

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